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No Walls: Just a Ledge onto the Sea (2014)

After getting a glimpse at the view of my room in Doonmacfelim House B&B, I hit the sack and took a catnap that lasted for two hours. Reenergized for the remaining day ahead in Doolin, I went out into the sprinkling rain and walked downtown and to the pier. Along the way, I passed limestone walls that stretch along the length of separate plots of land. There are no sidewalks so cars and pedestrians have to share the winding roads and make space for each other. The rural condition of Doolin features common, but delightful farm animals, such as cows, horses, and sheep. These “gracious lawnmowers” keep the green pasture lands and you can find them scything and chomping –working all day long.

The stone walls ultimately converge at a stone ledge that overlooks the rolling Atlantic Ocean that blends into the often overcast silver skyline. That moment, on the ledge, would not have been possible with my small but sturdy Electric Assist wheelchair that had taken me down the bumpy way to the pier rattling along the way. Here, in this seascape, only the human strength and audacity of my parents (who came with me to Ireland as my “personal assistants”) could make this possible. Without their help, I would not have be able to say that there are truly no limits to life and that moment on the ledge was one of those times.

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