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As I Am / Soy Como Soy

2023 | Spanish Edition

This is Cristina Cortez's second poetry collection and her most personal. Introspective and, at times, tender, the verses flow in unexpected ways, waving and ebbing, up and down, separating one from the next, or using the Cento technic to turn classical pieces into intimate ones. A sense of beautiful uncertainty derives from these poems; and also, a reassurance-that the poet knows what she's doing, and she's guiding the readers through the exact paths she wants them to see.

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Yo Soy, Yo Vivo  

2022 | Spanish Edition

The poet invites us to her reflections on the poetic word and its resources in this book. These poems allow us to be and live, perhaps just a little, his experience of his body as a territory, his daily challenges as a person with disabilities, and the unlimited strength and horizon of his intellect, which from the metaphor of the dream, transforms daily and deeply their territory and ours.



Tawantinsuyu: Poems of the Time of the Inca

2020 | Spanish & English Edition

Tawantinsuyu: Poems of the Time of the Inca is a representation of the Andean past. Each poem is a celebration of the cultural achievements of the indigenous people and is written from the perspective of the structures that were built during the Inca period. This poetic work is intentionally a political statement on the unity of the americas.


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