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Galway, Ireland – “The Graveyard of Ambition”? (2014)

Accommodations in National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), galore!

I just got into Corrib Village which is part of Galway City, where I and my study abroad group are going to stay for three weeks participating in Hofstra’s Study Abroad Program.

I’m now in my accessible dorm. It is comfortable and big enough to accommodate the three of us (me and my parents). I can freely wheel myself around now, but first things first, I need a shower, a long one.

After getting myself refreshed, my parents organize the kitchen and unpack.

With my dorm set up, I went out for a tour around town with Richard, my taxi driver, while shopping around for my dinners. Waiting for my mom to finish shopping, Richard tells me about the history and the cultural attractions that Galway is famous for. He ends with a positive-negative statement, saying that Galway city is “the graveyard of ambition” for many. He said that people around the world come to Galway looking for artistic and cultural stimuli, but because there are so many artistic outlets, people loose themselves to the point that they forget their studies or research in favor of the “good life.”

In my opinion, I think that the artistic hub that Galway has become can be a “graveyard” for some people, as Richard said, or it can be a place to renovate creative energy. For me, this trip to Ireland and, more specifically, my time in Galway, has helped me to reaffirm my dream of becoming a professional author and to project the trajectory of my career as far as I can see it.

Here in Galway, I’m definitely starting to feel impatient for the beginning for the Arts and Film Festival that is going to be hosted in the city for these three weeks. The class that I’m taking, 20th Century Anglo-Irish Drama, will be fast-paced, but this high-speed dynamic will surely give me a rush of creative energy.

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