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Bigger, Greater, and Simply Spectacular! (2014)

On my last day in Gleann Cholm Cille, Monday, July 21st, I set out to see the Sliabh Liag Cliffs, Slieve League, that are famed to be bigger than the Cliffs of Moher, that I saw during my time in Doolin. Making my way from Gleann Cholm Cille to the cliffs, I encountered a serpentine road worthy of being considered a roller-coaster, since it stretches up and down the hills of Donegal. The steep incline of the hilly road allowed me the opportunity of seeing the county of Donegal from a high vantage point and the hills sooner or later open the way to the coastline bordered by the cliffs.

The Cliff of Sliabh Liag loomed large into the foggy skyline, but as time went on rays of sun cut through the fog bringing along with them clear skies. Soon enough, the fog was no longer in sight, and I could see the majestic, pristine, and breathtaking cliff range. The cliffs jut out into a sapphire-blue seascape foaming as the water hits the lower side of the cliffs bellow. The cliffs are perfect for hikers and a trail through the range keeps attracting people of all ages from all over the world, but for those who aren’t that active or have limited mobility like myself, one can still admire the size and beauty of the cliffs. Definitely the Cliffs of Sliabh Liag are an amazing sight that has to be on the bucket list of anyone vising Ireland.

After spending sometime at the Cliffs of Sliabh Liag, I passed through Killybegs which is Ireland’s leading fishing port. Eventually, I reached Saint John’s Point and walked along the single trail hopping to get a closer looked at a herd of cow that I had spotted from the back of Richard Casey’s taxi. Regardless of the reason for my cow “scavenger hunt,” I needed to get out of from the taxi for a well-deserved walk. Along the trail, I saw a small gated lighthouse that had a sign announcing that the property was a “strictly” private area. Wanting to take a picture there, I ignored the sign, and situated myself in front of the gate. This low-risk escaped ended up being a good round of horse-play with my parents, who sat me on the stone pillars of the gate for a photo.

After all, now that I’m 21, I didn’t only want to try a Guinness during my time in Ireland, but also be a little of a bad-ass and do something against the rules!

Being a bit of a “risk-taker” made me hungry, for a late lunch and early dinner, so I asked Richard to stop at a fancy restaurant that I saw while I had been driving along the road. I ended stopping at Castle Murray House Hotel and Restaurant, which is considered to be among the top 50 most romantic hotels in the world. The ocean view exceeds expectations and is a fantastic backdrop to a private or family meal. There, I had a good char-grilled burger and one of the best hot chocolate, which my father and Richard were complementing very highly and I was interested to try it.

My last full day in Donegal and Ireland as a whole was a spectacular one; back at the hostel, the homegrown and home-cooked communal dinner, made by my fellow students, was waiting for me along with a good and a long party.

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